Karl-Filip Faxén

I'm an assistant professor at the Laboratory of Electronics and Computer Systems which is part of the Dept. of Microelectronics and Information Technology of the Royal Inst. of Technology in Stockholm. I'm mainly working on implementation techniques for functional programming languages. My curriculum vitae is also available.

I live about 60 km north east of Stockholm, in a red wooden house that I share with my wife Emma and our twins Alma and Arthur.


My research interests include functional languages and their implementation techniques, specifically compile-time analysis, as well as a secondary interest in computer architecture. I am a member of the Computer Theory and Engineering (CTE) group.

I have written an optimizing compiler for a small functional language I call Plain (it is a nonstrict higher order polymorphically typed pure functional language). Although it is quite a minimalistic language, it contains all of the things which make bigger languages like Haskell difficult to compile (except for separate compilation). I am currently working on och, an Optimizing Compiler for Haskell, which is going to include a superset of the optimizations of the Plain compiler, but reformulated in a framework allowing for modular compilation.

Since I am a compiler writer, I am interested in most aspects of the implementation; high level analyses and transformations, code generation issues like register allocation and instruction scheduling, and run-time system issues like garbage collection.

If you want to know what a functional language is, check the comp.lang.functional FAQ.

I am coordinating the LECS wednesday seminar series. Contact me to offer a talk!

Here are some papers I've written over the years.


I am responsible for the course Compilers and Virtual Machines (previously, I gave the Operating Systems course) as well as examiner for some degree projects (X-jobb).

Karl-Filip Faxén (kff@it.kth.se)